Payment & Transfer

  • All sales are final and are not subject to returns/exchanges.
  • Payments under $20,000 will be made through Paypal.  
  • Payments over $20,000, are only accepted through Escrow.
  • Please include your domain registrars account information (account number and email) in a PayPal/Escrow comment so that we can send your domain/s in a timely matter to your account.  You can also send us a message in case you missed it when you were paying for the item. 
  • As soon as we receive the payment we will initiate the transfer.  You can accept your domain/s using any registrar however we highly recommend keeping the domain with the current registrar since you will be able to save the cost involved with renewing it immediately and also prevent unnecessary delays.  Some domains are subject to ‘transfer lock’ which could only be lifted by contacting the customer support in person.  These delays could be avoided by keeping the domain with the current registrar therefore we highly recommend it.