About Us

Domains Express is a division of eCuras LLC and we specialize in the acquisition, monetization, development and sales of digital real estate.

We believe that choosing the right domain name is the first, and one of the most important steps in establishing a strong online presence for your business or brand. A great domain name is the core thing which could be standing in your brand's way.

We currently manage a portfolio of over 500 premium domains (and counting) across 20 targeted marketplaces, that are being offered with buy-it-now prices which can be purchased immediately.

Our monetization strategy utilizes both topical content and SEO white hat tactics which will increase the value of these premium domains, while increasing monthly advertising revenue.

Some of our premium assets include one and two word exact- match keyword domains like:

  • news.exposed

  • onlinemath.com

  • And many many more

Remember: A strong online presence starts with the right domain and premium domains are at the core of that.

Choosing a domain which is keyword rich and related to your industry will bring targeted organic traffic directly to your website. Your domain is how new customers will define your business so take your time picking the best one. It is your industry real estate so secure it today.

You are more than welcome to browse through our inventory or get in touch with us to receive a comprehensive consultation with one of our domain specialists. Based on a number of variables we will present options and suggestions which are related to the domain strategy of your primary development project.

Owning a premium domain name is similar to opening a store in a prime location, and your customers will assume that you are a well-established, credible business because of it. You can cut down on advertising costs by benefiting from all the natural traffic you will get.

Web development costs have decreased dramatically over the last few years while the internet as a business platform is expanding exponentially. The diversity of new user-friendly tools have made the web a more approachable place for entrepreneurs.

Some of the other services which our parent company eCuras offers include web design and development, eCommerce, SEO, Digital Marketing and Supported Cloud Hosting. As you’ll see after your initial consultation we can assist you with the complete build of your new project. Our relationship doesn’t have to end after the sale as our doors are always open. You can reach us by e-mail, phone or skype anytime.

Gaining a customer's confidence and trust online is not an easy task but we can help you get there.